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Random Frames into the Abyss; Part One

Part one of “Random Frames into the Abyss”


For years we’ve always assumed that the concept of time, the concept of the past, the present, and the future, was merely just a consequence of time as a unit of measure. More so we’ve always just assumed that those same concepts only existed in the current moment you were living. We assumed that time was a static notion because there was no logical way to go forwards or backwards. The best we could do was exist in the current moment.

All of this turned out of to be false when the quantum displacement device was invented. In layman’s terms that meant someone, somewhere, somehow had invented a time machine. A real working time machine. To prove it they took the world’s top skeptics and camera crews on a journey throughout time. There was an unforeseen problem though; it was that by just witnessing the past you changed that moments present, and it’s future. If you went forward and witnessed the future than the future that you witnessed no longer existed. It now become your present. If, after witnessing your future, you tried to go back to what would have been your present, you suddenly found yourself witnessing your past and thus you changed that moments present creating an infinite loop unless you went forward and stayed there for good.

To complicate things, only the people who time traveled knew that time had changed. Everyone else was seemingly unaware. Things started to go haywire when two time machines were running at the same time as both groups were constantly changing both the past, present, and future all at once. It took a mere two trips with two machines running for the Abyss to form.

The Abyss, as it was understood, is a giant suction cup shaped blackhole located in a rural area in Iowa. No one know’s why it formed where it did but we do know why it formed. The Abyss formed because time was changing too much too frequently. The timeline just couldn’t support two time machines. In one timeline people who were alive should be dead and in another the people who were dead should be alive. Time, unable to constantly resurrect or kill said people came up with a solution, the Abyss. These “unsures” were all at once sucked out of whatever life they may or may not have had and sent to the Abyss. They would float around until their ultimate fate was settled.

The Abyss itself became a spectacle to be witnessed. It drew large crowds of people wanting to see the unsures. When time did change and one of the unsures had met their final fate and left the Abyss no would remember seeing them floating. However they would remember seeing the abyss and the unsures themselves.

All of the aside the one truly amazing thing about the Abyss was that once it formed, no matter how many time machines were built and utilized after, the Abyss never shrunk or increased in size. It made no difference if there was one time machine running or a hundred time machines running. From the outside the Abyss was maybe the size of a large house. No one knew quite how big the Abyss was on the inside. The only thing we did know was that it was way significantly bigger than it appeared.

Hundreds of thousands of man hours had been spent studying the Abyss, only to come to one simple conclusion: The Abyss was neither good nor bad, it was just was. Deep down though I think we all knew the real truth. The Abyss and those who travel through time represented our arrogance in thinking that time, just like everything else, could be controlled and bent to our whim. Time wasn’t a caged animal. Time was the cage. The Abyss was merely the physical manifestation of the cage.

In my four years of time traveling I had never met another time traveler along the way. As far as I could tell I had never caused and infinite loop to form. I never went backwards, only forwards, and even then I only did it very sparingly. So then were do I, a twenty four year time traveler, who, to the best of his knowledge had never upset the timeline, fit into all this?

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