Zombie; Part One - Bed Burrito

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Zombie; Part One

Part One Of Zombie.

“Where did you run off to?” I screamed, shotgun in hand, to my sister, Eve. Had she arrived moments earlier the Zombies would not have just gotten our father. My sister was habitually late and always disappearing for one selfish reason or another. As much as I wanted to blame her I couldn’t. Our father’s death was entirely my fault. I could have loaded the gun faster. I could have aimed faster. I could have pulled the trigger faster, but I didn’t.

“I know what’s going through your head.  Don’t blame yourself. A quicker shot would not have prevented the inevitable.” Eve said coldly, staring at our father’s bullet riddled corpse.

“Where were you?” I demanded a second time.

“Jane,” Eve said, turning to me, “I know what’s going through your head. The same thing went through mine when they got our mother. It’s not your fault.”

“Then whose fault is it Eve? His death could have been prevented had you not run off like you always do.”

Eve slapped me before turning to our father’s corpse and pulling the trigger on her shotgun. A mountain of brains, blood and bones erupted from his now decapitated neck. “Burn the bodies. All of them,” Eve demanded before storming off into the foreboding forest that surrounded the gas station where we had holed up in last night. Littering the ground were the corpses of the five other Zombies that my father and I had managed to gun down just moments before he turned.

You can read part two here.



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