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Conform; Part One

Stand Out

Take the pill they said.

Everyone’s doing it they said.

It will make you smarter, faster, stronger, and more attractive to the opposite sex they said.

All the cool kids are doing it they said.

Conform they said.

The problem being I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to take the pill. Not in the slightest. Not one bit. The peer pressure to take it grew day by day. I would have liked to say the pill didn’t work but it mostly did. The people who took it did indeed get slightly smarter, faster, and stronger. I wasn’t so sure on the part about being more attractive to the opposite sex but considering the other four claims were true it was safe to assume that was true too.

I didn’t feel at a disadvantage for not taking it but I didn’t feel any advantages for the same reasons. I guess though that it would be hard to know what I felt like taking it as I had yet to.

I did however feel special for not taking it. In a world where 99% of the population is on the same super drug, the ones who don’t take it are probably the super ones for different reasons than the drug provides. The thing was, years ago, when I was old enough to start taking it, I almost did. Then something happened that changed my perceptive radically.

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