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12/7/15 Michael Mondays!



It’s another Michael Mondays post and boy do we have a case of the Mondays.  Today’s post is Office Space’s Michael Bolton with no relation to the pop singer.  For my money I don’t know if gets any better than when he sings When A Man Loves A Woman.  I celebrate the guy’s entire catalog.  You can just call him Mike.

Here is the clip from YouTube that shows exactly what I am talking about and more in relation to Michael Bolton.  Also, please watch Office Space as soon as you can assuming you, all the yous out there, that haven’t seen it yet because you’re either too young or too old.  The audacity of all of you that have not seen it will not be tolerated.  Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to make you watch it, but you watching the clip below will make me happy enough.


Thank you and keep on Michaeling every Monday on Michael Mondays! here at Bed Burrito.  Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays!





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