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Conform; Part Two

You can read part one here.


Doctor with stethoscope holding pill.

I remember sitting in the doctor’s office at the age of 12, being offered the pill. The doctor was a nice enough man, that was to say I didn’t have any issues with him. My mom at my side, he happily told me I was eligible for DMY121 or otherwise known as the enhancement pill. He started to tell me all the benefits and then proceeded to tell me there was a very rare percent (.0001%) of the population who experienced mild to severe side effects.

I remember being handed a sample trial package, with enough pills for two weeks, to get me started. That was the first and last time I had ever held the pill. At the time it was a medium sized white capsule and you had to take it twice a day. The trial pack held 28 pills.

I know I just starred at them for a long while durning which the doctor and my mom talked about all the benefits of the pill. They expected me to start taking it then and there. I can’t quite put my finger on why I decided not to take the pill at the time, only that it felt right. The doctor and my mother were both shocked, horrified, and then worried at my dismissal over the wonder drug.

After all, if there was a wonder drug that made you smarter, faster, and stronger with almost no side effects, why not take it?

You can read part three here.



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