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Conversations From The War; Part One


Light in prison cell

The largest intergalactic war of its time ended in a truce. Both sides, Rebellion, and Republic, had taken massive causalities. As the war progressed so did the causalities, per side, at an exponential level. When this became so unsustainable both sides called for a truce.

There was no point in winning a war if there was no one left to celebrate.

It wasn’t an easy truce. During the course of the five year war trillions had died. The galaxy post war was way different than the galaxy pre war. Several star systems had been erased from the map.

The major stick point of the truce, at the least the one that echoed through James’ head as he sat in an interrogation room, abroad a police freighter, was that both sides soldiers and leaders had pardoned each other for their crimes against each other.

Post war he had gone back to his job flying an intergalactic shipping ship.

James sipped on his water when a single police officer entered. The officer took a seat across from him and looked over at his clipboard before speaking.

“Are you James’ Baron?” The officer said.

“Yeah.” James answered, annoyed.

“And did you fight for the rebellion during the war?”

“Yeah.” James once again answered before adding: “But if this has anything to do with that you arresting me is felony that carries the weight of death.” James said, casually reminding the officer’s that anyone who tampered with the terms of the truce would be harshly punished.

“Your not under arrest.” The officer offered.

“It doesn’t look like that.”

“All I want from you is some information about your part in the war.”

“Well see.” James said, taking another sip of water.

“So…” The officer continued, the war stared in M.33 and you joined in M35, two years after it started?”

“Yes.” James said.

“Why did you join then?”

“And not easier or later?”

The officer nodded. James took note of the man’s name, it was Mark. “I saw the call for soldiers on the side of the Republic and thought if the Rebellion didn’t add to their ranks as well it would all be for naught.”

“Interested way to put it.” Mark, said, writing that down. “By the end of the war you were promoted to the rank of Lieutenant?”

“Yes.” James said.

“Actually my notes say after your first battle you were promoted to Lieutenant, is that correct?”

“Yes.”James repeated.

“That seems awfully fast, our records show that prior to the war you didn’t serve in the Republic Army, is that correct?”

“Yes”. James said, getting slightly annoyed, and adding: “What is it your getting at Mark?”

“I’m getting there, please be patent.”

James just watched as Mark took notes. From his brief interaction with Mark he could tell that he had served happily and willingly in the Republic Army. A lot of the Republic soldiers only fought for the Republic because they felt didn’t have any other choice. In fact a lot of Republic solider’s view points aligned with the Republic. Many historians said that this was the cause of the low moral within the Republic and what eventually lead to the truce and the pardon.

“Your first mission was to attack the G’Vork?”

James nodded. He remembered that mission well.

“Our notes show that you didn’t encounter any resistance abroad that ship, is that correct?”

James stared at the Mark blankly for a moment. “No, the assault on the G’Vork was one of the bloodiest battles I fought during the war.”

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