02/11/16 Throwback Thursday - Bed Burrito

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02/11/16 Throwback Thursday

Today we are throwing it back to our favorite post so far, Honest Company Taglines!


Wouldn’t it be great if companies were honest with their taglines? We’ve decided to rewrite several well known companies taglines in an honest way!

LinkedIn: Perpetual Spam Machine.

Twitter: #Idontgetit


Facebook: Show the world how amazing you are!

Amazon: Finding new ways to separate you from your money.

Walmart: We hate shopping in our stores too.

Comcast: Fuck off.

Google: We know a scary amount about you.

Apple: One of us.

One of Us.

Microsoft: Constant useless updates.

Starbucks: We know how pretentious our naming convention is.

Instagram: OMG I need all my freinds to look at this right now!

Snapchat: Adults too. We guess.

Adults too. We guess.

AOL: Yeah, were still around.

Oracle: What do we do again?

McDonalds: This qualifies as food.

Jimmy Johns: At least it’s fast. Hope you like mayonnaise.

Pinterest: So many amazing things that you’ll never be able to do.

So many amazing things that you'll never be able to do

Paypal: The most hated way to pay.



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