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Conversations From The War; Part Two

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Solar Flare

The G’Vork was a massive ship for class. It had originally been a large shipping vessel before it had been repurposed and outfitted for war. If it had been classified by normal means with would have been a destroyer class battle ship, the second largest type of ship classification. It housed 50 crew members, 200 soldiers, and small fleet of TX191 Interceptors. It could detect, intercept, and destroy most incoming ships  20 miles in either direction.

The rebel’s only had a chance against it because of a solar flare. Given that this was a high risk mission, only volunteers were sent. The destruction of the G’Vork wasn’t critical to the Rebellion but if they could take it out it would further solidify their hold on the eastern rim, thus cementing the split control of the galaxy down the middle between the Rebellion  and the Republic.

Even though they had only been fighting for two short but intense years both sides had taken heavy losses. Within the first four months of the war the Rebellion had managed to either destroy, cripple, or capture half the Republic fleet. In response the Republic had destroyed 5 worlds and killed billions. Leaders on both sides considered it a fair trade off.

The main difference between Republic commanders and Rebellion commanders was simple: Republic commanders considered life to be an unlimited resource. If they had to blow up every planet the Rebellion controlled while costing them an equal number of lives to do so to win the war they would do it and not even blink. Rebellion commanders on the other hand understood the value of human life. It wasn’t to say they weren’t against sacrificing solider’s to win the greater war, they just didn’t do it on a limb, especially for minor victories.

Hence was the attack on the G’Vork was volunteer only and hence why it was mostly crewed by new recruits.

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