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Conversations From The War; Part Three

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Dark Space Ship Corridor.

Dark Space Ship Corridor.

The V222 was a boarding ship. It was designed to ram into an enemy vessel, blow a large airlock sized whole into it’s side, spew out soldiers, while providing covering fire for them. This was exactly what it did. Within minutes 40 Rebellion soldiers had poured out. The five Republic soldiers in that corridor were shot dead before they even know what had hit them, giving the Republic the upper hand. Very quickly they secured permitter before sending a squad of ten forward.

“Clear!” James yelled as he turned the corner, signaling for the rest the squad to move with him. Very quickly they ran down the hallway into the next intersection that would lead to the bridge. They had made sure to board extremely close to their target.

A minute later Stephen called “Clear!” as they booked it toward the now sealed bridge. The only thing that was out of the originally was the lack of soldiers and scrambling to intercept them. It didn’t screen trap but a firefight would probably calm most of their nerves. Once at the door James pulled a small EMP device from his vest. He set it for 30 seconds, placed it on the door, as his squad of ten ran backed up. The second the pulse went off Jessica would throw a smoke grenade and they would all open fire.

The squad waited for the blast to go off. Everyone of them, save Jessica, and their hands on their triggers. 30 seconds later the small flash of light from the EMP went off. Jessica threw the smoke grenade and they all opened fire.

Assuming capturing the bridge went according to plan capturing the rest of the ship would be pretty easy. In theory all would have to do would be seal them selfs in the bridge and then start to open the airlocks. The enemy usually surrendered or died at that point. In this instance they would also need to seal the corridors that the rebel soldiers where in so they didn’t kill them by mistake.

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