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You read, I write

I like to write.  It’s therapeutic.  You like to read.  I know you do.  I have a lot of things to write about.  Writing about writing and reading is one of those things I have to write about.

Am I even really writing?  Typing is technically what I am doing.  It doesn’t change the fact you’re reading.  Maybe you’re not reading.  Does mouthing words count as reading?  What constitutes something as having been read by you the reader? Are you a reader?  Why is this weird man asking me, the reader, these questions? Surely he knows.

Writers write and readers read.  Do writers read what they write? Do they project their most inner thoughts about themselves as a writer or are they just masturbating their thoughts out onto readers like firemen tending to a fire with a hose?  Do writers contemplate any of this or did I have nothing to write about so I wrote this?

You read, I wrote.




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