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Conversations From The War; Part Four

Part four of the short story: “Conversations From the War”. The squad takes the bridge but is it is really a trap?

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Starship Corridor

Starship Corridor

During the long minute that it would take for the smoke from the grenade to clear the Rebellion solider’s didn’t stop firing. Once the smoke cleared, and a few clips expended, it suddenly became very clear that all they had done was scuff up some paint.

“Move!” Jessica, their sergeant, shouted.

Throwing caution into the wind they bolted into the bridge. Very quickly they discovered it was empty.

“Sargent Jessica to Lieutenant Ron, we secured the bridge.” Jessica said into her radio.

“Good. Any causalities?” Ron replied.

“None on both sides.”


“The bridge was empty sir.”

“ALL SOLDIERS PREPARE TO EVACK!” Ron screamed into the radio over the all hands channel.

Jessica, James, and the rest of the squad all looked at each other dumb founded.

“Sir?” Jessica asked.

“It’s trap.” Ron responded.

“Your heard the Lieutenant.” Jessica said.

As Jessica and her squad made for the door, it shut, and sealed.

Mark and Theo tried opening it to no avail.

“Sir.” Jessica radioed. “The door’s sealed, we’re stuck.”

The Lieutenant gave no response.

“Sir.” Jessica tried a second time, once again getting no response.

“I think the comms are jammed M’am.” Theo said.

“Alright, then we proceed with the original mission as normal. Can we seal off the corridor we entered from and open the other air locks?”

“Checking.” Samantha said, running toward the main consul. The room stood still as she attempted to override the ship’s computer. “We’re locked out.”

“Do we have any control?”

Samantha checked the console. “Negative.”

“Do we have any visual?”

“It would appear we have some.” Samantha said, pulling up the feed to the monitor. Their draws dropped at the sight before them.

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