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Conversations From The War; Part Five

Part five of the science fiction short story: “Conversations From The War”. The squad braces for impact from the counter attack.

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Leading Craft

On the monitor it appeared that several small Republic boarding ships and fighters were headed straight them.

“That explains the empty ship.” Jessica exclaimed. “Try hailing the Lieutenant again.”

“Still blocked M’am.” Samantha said.

“Brace for impact.” Jessica said, watching as the approaching ships began to open fire. “I don’t think their firing at us.” James said, starring at the monitor. They weren’t. They were firing at the craft they had come in with.

“You think they know?” Mark asked.

“How could they not.” Jessica replied.

They all watched in horror as the swarm of  TX191 interceptors out maneuvered, out gunned, and blew up their landing craft. Killing 40 some rebellion soldiers in the process.

Suddenly the control room door opened.

“Prepare to be boarded.” Jessica said, grabbing her weapon, and taking cover aiming for the hallway. “Samantha see if you can gain any sort of control, well cover you.”

“Copy that M’am.” She said.

The rest of the squad took cover, aimed, and braced for a firefight.

Despite their losses the mission was on. They would return home with the G’Vork or die trying.

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