Being Mad Mitch - Because me being me was getting too new for me

Mad Mitch's Trash Laboratory Out Now!

Being Mad Mitch – because being


I am by no means an actor of any sort.  Or maybe we’re all actors and all the world a stage.  Being Dr. Mitch Leort is probably my favorite acting thing I have done.  Oh I’ve been Skip the bum in Zoot Boots and I’ve been Zombie #1 in Zomtigone, but this role takes the cake.  I can be as maniacal as I want with total creepiness.  Does the actor become the role or does the role become the actor?  Perhaps I am slowly turning into my trash fiend acting role.

Being Mad Mitch has many benefits.  I get to play with all sorts of trash.  My my how I love it!  It’s like being a little kid again.  Very fun and exciting!  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think it will be the next big thing.  I’m hoping you the reader and viewer will agree.  Not up to me though, the choice is yours

I work a regular job otherwise, and I put all the effort I would into Mad Mitch into my job at work.  It feels good to get shit done and have a lot of fun projects going on at the same time. Being Mad Mitch is a truly wonderful experience that puts exuberance into other facets of my being that wasn’t there before.  With that comes great madness at great prices for almost everyone.  Or maybe none at all.  Perhaps I have fleshed out my madness and have it well under control.  That could be the madness talking…

Another thing I have noticed is more viewers and more likes regarding Mad Mitch’s Trash Laboratory which means you, the viewer, probably do enjoy the show and me being my crazy new old self.  There’s a story to tell here, folks.  The story will be absurd, ridiculous, trashy,

Thank you and have a trashy Tuesday!



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