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Conversations From The War; Part Six

Part six of the science fiction short story: “Conversations From The War”. The squad begins to fight back admit the incoming Republic soldiers.

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Woman at the bridge.

They heard an air lock open and footsteps begin to pour out. “Here we go.” James whispered to himself, preparing for the worst. James clutched his trigger preparing to fire his rifle for the first time in combat. Prior to this James had never taken a life. While there was no guarantee that he would today if he were to survive he most likely take several.

Just as they saw Republic soldiers cross into their line of sight a Rebel solider threw a grenade and the rest of opened fire.

“Cease fire.” Jessica said after a minute of continuous fire. “We don’t have unlimited rounds here and we don’t know how long they need to last.

The squad did as they told.

“Anyone hurt?” Jessica asked.”

“No ma’am.” Mark said. Jessica took a moment to look at the hallway before them, it was littered with the bodies of at least three squads worth of Republic soldiers. “Nice shooting” she said before adding: ”Samantha do we have control?”

“Trying Ma’am.” Samantha responded.

“Okay.” Jessica said. “Heres the rub as it see it. We are sitting ducks inside of here. They know where we are and eventually well run out of ammo. Out there we have almost no cover but we won’t be sitting ducks. I want five of you, including Samantha to stay here while she attempts to gain control of the ship. The other five are with me, we are going use hit and run tactics. Any questions?”

No one had any.

“Good. Mark. James, Theo, and Jenna your with me. The rest of you are ordered to hold this bride at all costs. Once you have control radio us, if thats not possible shut whatever door is in front of us. Well get the message and book it back. Any questions?”

Once again no one had any.

“Alright, lets move.” Jessica said.

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