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Conversations From The War; Part Seven

Part seven of the science fiction short story “Conversations From The War”. James tells his integrator how he went from lowly private to Lieutenant over the course of the battle.


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“Mr. Baron, while I appreciate the theatrics, none that explains how you became a lieutenant.” Mark, the officer, interrupted.

“I was getting there.” James said, noticing Mark was tapping his fingers on the desk while he waited for his answer.  “Do you want me to jump ahead?”

“Yes.” Mark said firmly.

James nodded. “Alright. The Rebel army followed the same rites of war that the Republic did, the main difference between the two sides was ethics/morality and who we thought should lead. Shortly after we spilt with the squad we started to take some causalities. Our squads composition was one Sergeant and the rest of us were all of the same rank. Our Sergeant, Jessica, had been shot. If we had a medic and time maybe she would be alive to this day. We had neither. Maybe it was my proximity to her or maybe it wasn’t, but following the Rites of Ascension guiltiness, the next highest ranking solider assumes command of the mission and are instantly promoted to the rank of the last prior officer. We had no next highest ranking solider so, still following Rites of Ascension Jessica handed me her pin, this instantly promoting me to Sergeant, and told me carry on.” James paused for a moment, reflecting on the moment. He could remember it will.

“And how did you achieve the rank of Lieutenant?” Mark asked.

“You want the short or long version of it?”

“Short please.”

“The Republic army boarded our landed craft, killed of the feeling crew, who had been ordered to spread out. No one knew the Lieutenant was dead. By the time we all regrouped at the bridge, following the same Rites of Ascension that gave me the rank of Sergeant, I assumed the rank of Lieutenant and that was that.”

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