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Conversations From The War; Part Eight

Part eight of Conversations From The War. Newly minted sergeant James and what remains of his squad make it back to the bridge only to find a surprise waiting for them.

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“So can I continue?” James asked.

“Go ahead.” Mark replied.

“Okay.” James said, vividly remembering the moment after he assumed the rank of Sergeant.


“We have to move.” James said, staring at Jessica’s dead body, while reaching for a grenade. Normally the use of grenades aboard starships was a prohibited unless you had a death wish but the Republic soldiers were fast approaching and they were running low on ammo. “MOVE!” James ordered as he pulled the pin and tossed the grenade into the hall.

James, Theo, and Jenna made a mad dash behind them.

“Three.” James mumbled while running “Two… One…” As the word’s one left James’ tongue the grenade blew, causing a shockwave across the ship. “FASTER!” James yelled, felling the cold of otter space. As feared they were near an outside facing wall and the grenade had blown a hole in it.. Their only hope of survival was for Samantha to gain control of the ship and seal off the damage corridor. Until then they had to book it as far away from the blast as possible. If they ran into enemy soldiers along the way chances are they were all dead.

Lucky for them they made it back to the bride in one piece.

“Status?” A slightly out of breath James asked asked Samantha.

“Working on it but it looks like the breach tripped something that should give me backdoor access.”

James nodded and looked around. In his hurry he didn’t notice the now fifteen other Rebellion soldiers standing the bridge with him.


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