03/27/16 The Weekly Burrito - Bed Burrito

Mad Mitch's Trash Laboratory Out Now!

03/27/16 The Weekly Burrito

03/27/16 The Weekly Burrito

Bringing you top the stories of the past week!

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Mad Mitch’s Trash Laboratory Season One Episode Three – The Stinky Red – Teaser Trailer – Despite his setbacks with the Bloop Goop, The Magic Sticky Icky, and the National Science Group, Dr. Mitch Leort trucks on forward and attempts to create a banned substance known as “The Stinky Red”.

Conversations From The War; Part Eight –  Newly minted sergeant James and what remains of his squad make it back to the bridge only to find a surprise waiting for them.

The Problems With The New Ghostbusters – One of our Authors, Mike, takes an analytical stance and while discussing the problems with the new Ghostbuster’s trailer and move.





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