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Conversations From The War; Part Nine

Part nine of Conversations From The War. The squad finally gains control of the G’vork and opens fire on the Republic ship.

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Vault Door

“Sir.” One of the newer solider’s said, running up to James. James looked over at the man, he was a private first class, and arguably should be the one in charge. “The Lieutenant’s dead. Your in command.”

James just nodded. In a matter of minutes he went from lovely private to Lieutenant. James turned to Samantha, “How close are we to sealing the door?” He could feel the temperature get noticeably colder as he spoke.

“We should have it right abut now.” Samantha said, hitting a button, and sealing off the door.

“And life support?”

Samantha hit a few buttons. “Everything’s online.”

“SIR!” One of the solider’s said. “Their going to fire on us!”

James looked at the monitor. The Republic ship had disengaged and was about to open fire. “Do we have weapons control?” James asked.

“Powering up now.” Samantha said.

“Fire back as soon as you can.” James ordered.

Moments later the G’vork opened fire on the Republic ship, reducing it to molten ash in a matter of seconds. Everyone’s jaw dropped at the site. Normally it would take much more fire power than that to cripple a ship, let alone desecrate it. Before they even begin to explore how powerful the G’Vork’s weapon systems were the Alarm went off. Signaling an engine overheat.


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