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Conversations From The War; Part Ten

Part ten of Conversations From The War. The squad begins to investigate the overheating engine.

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Red Glow

“Status?” James asked, worried by the alarm.

“Not good.” Samantha said, before adding: “The engine’s overheating, badly at that.”

“Can we stop it?”

“Not with out shutting down completely.” Samantha said.

“Will that kill us?” James asked, being pretty sure that everyone else in the room wondered the same thing.

“A lot slower than this over heat will.”

James nodded. “Shut it down. Do we have any mechanics?” James asked, knowing that he himself fit that role. For better or worse only mechanic was himself. “Alright, I’m a mechanic, I need a squad with me while we check out it out.”

Once the squad was set, James left Samantha in charge, and the head toward engine room, temperatures getting hotter and hotter as they went. After an uneventful twenty minute walk they made it to the engine room.

James and the squad gasped at the site before them. Instead of the normal blueish green square see through container that would normally house the reactor the discovered a circular container housing a red element. It was unlike anything they had ever seen before. They stood there dumb struck for a minute or two watching as the core pulsed back and forth. None of this normal or expected. In fact none of this was something Jame’s, in his limited mechanic experience, could diagnose and fix.


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