Mad Mitch's Trash Laboratory - Episode 4 - Team Work - Bed Burrito

Mad Mitch's Trash Laboratory Out Now!

Mad Mitch’s Trash Laboratory – Episode 4 – Team Work

Mad Mitch’s Trash Laboratory Season 1 Episode 4

“Team Work”

After the colossal failures of “The Magic Sticky Icky”, “The Bloop Goop”, and “The Stinky Red”, Dr. Mitch Leort and Assistant Number one demonstrate Team Work!

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Mad Mitch’s Trash Laboratory is an absurdist dark comedy web series about a Mad Scientist trying to invent new types of gross and disgusting trash.

The series is a satire produced in the style of three camera after school specials and educational TV shows.

Past Episodes:
Dr. Mitch Leort: Mitch Sejzer
Assistant Number One: Jeremy Applebaum
Mail Man Mike: Mike CrowleyWritten, Directed, Created, Edited, and Sound Design By: Jeremy Applebaum
Folly Artists: Jeremy Applebaum and Mike Crowley
Directors of Photography: Jeremy Applebaum and Mike Crowley
Set Design: Jeremy Applebaum and Mike CrowleyIf you enjoyed this please consider subscribing to our channel, commenting and sharing. Every share, view, and subscribe helps us produce more great content!For more humorous daily content check out our web page:



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