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Conversations From The War; Part Eleven

Part eleven of Conversations From The War. James discusses how they cooled off the engine.


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“So.” Mark said,interrupting James, with a fair amount of wonder in his voice, “how did you manage to cool the engine off?”

James passed as he thought about it. The truth of the matter was that he didn’t, not really. Right as they were attempting to figure out how the thing worked it almost instantly cooled off. Weighing his options, lie or tell the truth, James opted to tell the truth, even though he didn’t think Mark would accept the answer. “We didn’t, it cooled off on its own.”

Mark gave James a good, hard look, before writing that down, seemingly accepting the answer. “And did you do anything to facilitate that process?”

“No.” James lately said.

Mark tapped his fingers on the desk and proceeded to write that down. “How long did it take to cool off?”

“Do you mean from super hot to cool?”


James shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess you could argue from when we fired it until it cooled off, so maybe five minutes.” James thought about it some more. “However it seemed like in the less than the span of a minute it went from super hot to cool.”

Mark wrote that down. “What happened to the rest of the squad you traveled to the engine with?”

“I don’t know. Back at command we went back to our respective units. They were not originally part of my squad. I never saw them since that day.”

“And what happened to the ship?” Mark asked.


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