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Conversations From The War; Part Twelve

Part Twelve of the science fiction short story: “Conversations From The War.” After the whole ordeal James is free to go.


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James shrugged again. “I don’t know. As I said before, when we got back to command we all went our separate ways.”

“So you never saw anyone enter the ship, or fly it, or move it?” Mark asked.

“I think standard ship techs entered but after we departed we were debriefed and I was officially given the rank of Lieutenant. By the time I left the debrief the ship was gone.

Mark nodded and wrote that down. “Okay, well, that matches up with what others have said. Your free to go.”

“Was I ever not?” James asked, before realizing why he was here. What was that weapon?”

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Stay tuned next Saturday (04/30/16) for a brand new short story!



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