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A Werewolf’s First Day as a Vampire; Part One

Part One of “A Werewolf’s First Day as a Vampire.” We find out how our hero turns.



The pickup never arrived. I gasped for more air than could fill my lungs. I sat on a platform, waiting for the helicopter. It should show up soon. The backup will arrive soon. I loved my fellow wolves; we were family.

Another hour passed. The helicopter never arrived. I saw a bat fly by. It was hideous looking and terrifying. I didn’t want to give it a chance but knew that I should. I knew that bats worked for vampires. It flew away when I shot at it with a gun, an automatic pistol. I didn’t need the enemy spying on me.

I howled to learn if anyone was near. They weren’t. The pickup wasn’t coming. My fellow werewolves didn’t answer. A feral wolf did. It followed to my spot and started to patrol. It howled for a brief second and then the howl suddenly stopped. No one was coming to save me. I needed to get out of here, fast. I had just finished fighting some vampires and didn’t want to die to their reinforcements. Their leader was coming, and he terrified all the other werewolves.

The vampire appeared behind me first. I turned and shot. It seemed to disappear from behind me and appear in front of me. It reached it ugly hands up. I tried to shoot him again. Blood gushed from several holes. I smiled. I win! Then he reached towards me. I panicked. I thought I had won. I had won. I couldn’t lose a fight. I couldn’t. He grabbed my neck. I couldn’t get away in time. I knew, in that instant, that I would die. He reached his hands around my neck. He snapped it.

I lay there, not moving, for three days, neck broken. I could feel a little but not move or think. I didn’t know what to do. Was I a ghost? I was dead. My heart stopped. The rain was the worst part. It was slow and agonizing as it drizzled onto my cold, broken body. After three days, I could move. I could function again. I looked up to see the helicopter show up to pick me up. They brought a body bag and clearly didn’t expect to find me alive. Nasty stuff.

The werewolves picked me up. I walked and talked and couldn’t breathe. I noticed that, no matter how hard I tried, I could not breathe anything. I couldn’t breathe, could move, and suddenly, I could hear and feel blood pumping through Fred and Stacy’s bodies. The blood drew to me like a thousand bells. I had become a vampire.

My werewolf friends, Fred and Stacy, smiled at me. “Did we get all those nasty vampires, Sully?” they asked. “Make sure we kill every last one of them. Can’t suffer one to live.”

“Why were you here for three days?” Stacy asked. “We got scared something happened to you. You couldn’t call or find another way back?”


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