05/24/16 Trash Tuesday - A Mad Mitch Retrospective - Bed Burrito

Mad Mitch's Trash Laboratory Out Now!

05/24/16 Trash Tuesday – A Mad Mitch Retrospective

A Mad Mitch Retrospective

Today on Trash Tuesday, in honor of the Mad Mitch’s Trash Laboratory Season Finale airing tomorrow, we are present you with the series so far.

Episode 1 – “The Magic Sticky Icky”: Mad Mitch’s Trash Laboratory: Episode 1 – “The Magic Sticky Icky”. Dr. Mitch attempts to create the “The Magic Sticky Icky” for what feels like the billionth time. Does he succeed? You’ll have to watch the episode to find out!

Episode 2 – “The Bloop Goop”: So “The Magic Sticky Icky” failed and the National science group didn’t publish Dr. Mitch Leort’s paper. Does Dr. Leort give up? Of course not! He attempts to create a much easier type of trash known as “The Bloop Goop”.

Episode 3 – “The Stinky Red”: Despite his setbacks with the Bloop Goop, The Magic Sticky Icky, and the National Science Group, Dr. Mitch Leort trucks on forward and attempts to create a banned substance known as “The Stinky Red”.
Episode 4 – “Team Work”: After the colossal failures of “The Magic Sticky Icky”, “The Bloop Goop”, and “The Stinky Red”, Dr. Mitch Leort and Assistant Number one demonstrate Team Work!
Episode 5 – “Trashover”: The gang celebrates the most wonderful time of the year, Trashover!
Episode 6 – “Noola Boola”: Dr. Mitch Leort attempts to crack the code for the mysterious Noola Boola!
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