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A Snapshot Of My Perfect Self; Part One

Part one of the science fiction short story – “A Snapshot Of My Perfect Self”. If you could discover what your perfect self was, would you?


No ones perfect. I’m not. But what if I could be, just for a moment, just for a snapshot? One revolution company, Perfect Cop, has been offering a glimpse into what our perfect self would look like. They have been doing it for years.

I just turned twenty one, the minimum age to find out what my perfect self would be like. Everyone who has ever done it has said it has been a humbling and eye opening experience.

The experience it’s self was pricy , $10,000, and it required a two whole days to complete. Even though I had saved up the money and blocked off the time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through wth the experience. It was a lot of money, and while two days wasn’t a lot of time, I would be stuck with knowing what my perfect self was for the rest of life, knowing I would never achieve it.

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