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A Snapshot Of My Perfect Self; Part Two

Part two of the science fiction short story – “A Snapshot Of My Perfect Self.” Lily begins to procedure to find out what her perfect self would look like.

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Part Two

Waiting Room.

For a futuristic company the waiting room was incredibly bleak. Just a few chairs, a table, and some old magazines. There was one other person, sitting, waiting to be called. The door to the facilities opened, a female nurse stepped out, and called “Mr. Stevens.”. The other patient got up and followed her back. I hopped I would be up soon. The waiting was killing me.

Fortunately for me the door opened again and when they called my name I jumped out of my chair and followed them back. They lead me down a hallway into a room that resembled a doctors office expect it had a large machine in the corner of it. They asked me to change into a gown. A technician would be with me soon.

I changed, took a seat, and starred at the machine and waited. It wasn’t large as I thought it would be. In fact it looked like an oversized Photo Booth.

The door opened, the technician entered. “Lily?” She asked.

To which I responded: “Yes.”

“I’m Stephanie, I’ll be guiding you through this process. Unless you have questions we can get started right away.”


“Great.” Stephanie said. “Please enter the machine and hand me the gown.”

I did as she said.

“Now, I’m going to begin, you may experience some dizziness or a headache. Thats normal. Unless you are actually in pain please don’t step out. Any questions?”

“No, lets begin.” I said excitedly.

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