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The Inconstancy

Part one of the science fiction short story “The Inconstancy.” Two scientists deal with a moral deilima of reporting one small inconstancy in their sample size from the tests of revolutionary cancer drug.

The Inconstancy. Alex peering through a Microscope.

“I don’t think it actually matters.” James said, looking at the petri dish through a microscope.

“This could could be the universal cure we’ve all been looking for, one small, minor inconstancy in the hundredth sample is really important.”

James sat up and looked at Alex. “Our findings are due in a day. They expect results and given everything we’ve told them so far, this one minor inconstancy could cost us our jobs and they will still release it.”

Alex just nodded.

“Do you want to be on the side of history that changes the world for the good or left in the sidelines?”

“Can I take a look one more time?”

James moved out of the way as Alex peered into the microscope. “I still don’t like it, I think we need to test another hundred.” Alex replied, staring at a close up of the drug interacting with cancer cells.

James sighed. “Alright, fine, well stay late and run another hundred tests, if theres no inconstancy will you be happy then?”

Alex nodded.

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