The Inconstancy; Part Four - Sterilizing Chemicals

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The Inconstancy; Part Four – Sterilizing Chemicals

Part four of the science fiction short story – “The Inconstancy”.  Are the sterilizing chemicals enough to save James?

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Large Knife.

Alex was glad she was wearing goggles as the sterilizing water rained down and soaked her clothes. She quickly ran over to James, who had torn the cut off. He was washing his finger under the chemical cleaning station station. It looked like it had just cut his left pinky. The cleaning chemicals were not working and the finger was slowly turning black. Fearing the worst, Alex grabbed a large, clean, butcher knife.

“We need to amputate the finger.” She said, fearing for the worst, and trying to minimize the damage to James. “Put it on the table.”

James didn’t resist her logic and place his finger on the table. With no warning Alex quickly slammed the knight on the table, cutting the finger off. James screamed out in pain. Alex grabbed the emergency medical kit and quickly wrapped the wound. She tossed carefully scooted the amputated finger into a bag and sealed it as emergency personal arrived at the lab.  Once they got James straightened out and off to a hospital Alex careful placed the cut off finger into the refrigerator, once things settled down she wanted to examine it.

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