09/21/16 Wacky Wednesday - Decapitatin' Crunch - Bed Burrito

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09/21/16 Wacky Wednesday – Decapitatin’ Crunch

Wacky Wednesday

Decapitatin’ Crunch

Today on Wacky Wednesday we have a dark twist on a modern cereal for you. Do you know Captain Crunch? Do you like Captain Crunch? Do you eat Captain Crunch? Instead of captain crunch we bring you Decapitatin’ Crunch.

He is 100% mutiny free and will take care of any inferior breakfast for you that may cross your path. Just don’t cross as he is known to have a short temper.


Decapitatin' Crunch.

What did you think? Did you like it? Was it as wacky as you hoped and dreamed? Do you want to see more like it?



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