01/30/16 Meme Monday - Got Anymore Sleep - Bed Burrito

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01/30/16 Meme Monday – Got Anymore Sleep

01/30/16 Meme Monday

Memeing up Your Monday

Got Anymore Sleep

Today on Meme Monday we bring you a meme about Monday – Got Anymore Sleep? We think it is a great meme that sums up most of us on Monday mornings! So enjoy the meme folks!

Got Anymore Sleep

The copy of the meme:

“Ya’ll Got Anymore of that Sleep”

So what did you think? Did you love the Meme? Is it true? Are you a morning person? A day person? A night person? Do you wish you could sleep in on Monday mornings? Do you have a better Meme that you’d like to share? Le us know in the comments below!



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