02/27/17 Meme Monday - Life Meme - Bed Burrito

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02/27/17 Meme Monday – Life Meme

02/27/17 Meme Monday

Memeing Up Your Monday

Life Meme!

Today on Meme Monday we bring you a life meme! We think it is a pretty great meme and think that it sums up things pretty great! Enjoy the meme folks!

Here is the copy of the meme:

“Life is short. False it’s the longest thing you do.”

Life Meme

Life Meme


So what did think you of the meme? Did you love it? Did you only just like it? Did you hate it? Do you have a better one? Do? Well do you? Can you share it? Can you? Please? Pretty please? Let us know in the comments below!



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