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Short Stories

Every Saturday here at Bed Burrito we publish serial short stories. They mostly range from 3 to 5 parts. Please take a look around at what we have to offer. If you enjoyed reading them please comment, like, and share the piece.

Science Fiction Short Stories:

Random Frames Into The Abyss – Time travel has it’s perils. Three parts.

Zombie – Two sisters morn their recently deceased father in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse. Five parts.

Conform – Everyone’s taking the magic pill? Why not you? Four parts.

Conversations From The War – The largest intergalactic war had ended in a truce. Both sides, Rebellion and Republic, had taken massive causalities. The hard was talking about it. Twelve parts.

A Snapshot Of My Perfect Self – What if you could see what your perfect self was like, even if it was just a snap shot? Would you do it?

The Inconsistency – Two Scientists are working on a break through drug to cure cancer but there are some inconsistencies with the results.

Lame Saves and Ruins The Day With and From Distractionutions – A short story about a man named Lame and a machine that can create objects out of nothing. One part.

Slothful Abraham’s Dog-Child – A lazy man is given a dog human hybrid to learn some responsibility. One Part.

A Dick in the Land of Lost Faces – Captain Gunter floats aimlessly through space. Or does he? One Part.

The Invisibilly –  A young man can turn invisible. One Part.

The Great Geniusphone War Of 2999 – In the future Cell Phone companies have run amuck. Or have they? One Part.


A Quiet Visit From An Old Friend – Three friends haven’t seen each other in a long time. One lies in the hospital after being hit by a car. Five parts.

A Werewolf’s First Day As A Vampire – A Werewolf gets turned into a vampire. Violence ensues. Six parts.


The Proposal – Ryan wants to give Stephanie the perfect marriage proposal. Three parts.



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